In the Hindu culture, a chakra is believed to be an energy point in the subtle body. Positioned in a cross-legged, lotus pose the 7 chakras are aligned starting at the top of the head, to the base of the spine. Each chakra holds a specific point along the spine with a number of unique attributes. 

Aroma therapy holds a prominent spot in the Hindu culture that serves as an ailment to many situations such as stress, pain relief, mood enhancement, relaxation and many more. 

The combination of the 7 chakra energy points in the body and the benefits of aroma energy allows Chakra Aroma Energy incense to create positive stimulation in your life in the mental and physical realms. Each of the 7 scents focuses on an individual chakra energy point to allow the user to target a specific mood or stimulus they are looking to achieve. Chakra Aroma Energy is here to provide and promote positive life energy to anyone looking to benefit themselves physically and spiritually.